Our Weekly Events

Your Welfare - Soul, Spirit and Body is our outmost concern. God Bless You


Days Activity Time
Monday Children's Monday Class 4:00pm - 6:00pm
W.M.P.M. 1st Monday of the Month 5:30pm
Choir Practice 6:30pm
Tuesday EFAC Meetings
Band Practice 7:00pm
Wednesday Counselling
9:00am -11:45am
Mid-Week Prayer 5:30pm
Thursday "Hour of Mercy" - Special Prayer meeting 9:00am - 12noon
Confirmation Class 4:00pm
BB and Gb meetings 4:00pm
Youth Fellowship 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Group Meetings 5:30pm
Friday Friday Class
Choir Practice 6:00pm
Saturday BB and GB meeting 4:00pm
Choir Practice 6:00pm
Band Practice 7:00pm
Sunday English Service/ 1st Sunday Corporate Holy Communion 6:30am
Childre Service 8:30am
Igbo Service (2nd Sunday H.C) 9:30am
Follow-up/ Bible Study /Evening Song 5:00pm
3rd Ssunday General Bible Study 6:30am/9am
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